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Head of Darul Makmur Sub-district: The Village of Kuala Seumayam is Frequently Flooded


Editor: SAYED | Date: 05/07/2013


ACEH TERKINI – The Head of Darul Makmur Sub-district in the District of Nagan Raya, Effendi, said that the village of Kuala Seumayam, which is located within the plantation area of PT. Kalista Alam is frequently flooded. 
Contacted by acehterkini on Friday (05/7/2013), Efendi said that villages in Darul Makmur Sub-district are vulnerable towards floods. 
According to Efendi, every year the village of Kuala Seumayam is flooded 4 times. “If it rains for two days continuously, the village is surely flooded,” he said.
The Village of Kuala Seumayam, said Efendi, is located within the plantation area of PT. Kalista Alam. This village needs attention and assistants, not only from the local government, to develop infrastructure and facilities. 
Records of acehterkini until June 2013, floods have accured twice in this village situated in Tripa peat swamp of Leuser Ecosystem. 
The first flood occured around 7 April 2013 and 8 May 2013. The floods has isolated a number of villages within the Sub-districts of Darul Makmur and Tripa Makmur in Nagan Raya.  (red)