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KLH : No Settlement of the Case Without Compensation Firman Hidayat | The Globe Journal

Rabu, 30 Januari 2013 13:52 WIB

Meulaboh – The Legal Adviser of the Ministry of Environment (KLH) Fauzul Abrar emphasized that compensation for the enviromental damage caused through clearing by burning and obligation to rehabilitation has been integrated in the civil lawsuit of the Ministry, thus compensation is still to be covered. 

“No settlement without any compensation,” he emphasized during interview with journalists prior to the mediation hearing at the District Court of Meulaboh, Wednesday (30/1/2013).
He explained that the expected achievement is civil process with compensation as target. “This is it, what is expected in a civil proces,” he said. 
His team will be looking from the side of the facts and evidence, as well as the existing requirements. The mediation is actually an effort to settle any civil case without having to deal with the principle case. 
“If there is an agreement, please, but we see this as mediation session, so our foundation is still the content of the lawsuit,” continued Fauzul. 
The mediating judges will pursuit the possibility of settlement of the case, which will be impossible without any compensation. Concerning rehabilitation, this must be carried out. 
In reply to this matter, the lawyer of Kalista Alam, Luhut Pangaribuan over a text message to The Globe Journal conveyed that the accusation is different than the fact. “This is about proving,” he said. 
What and who violate environmental law? Kalista Alam did not conduct any violation and support the environmental sustainability. Since this is the fact, Kalista Alam is convinced that there will be win-win-solution. “Except if there is another agenda, such as politic,” as stated in the short message from Luhut Pangaribuan. 

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