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State Attorney Lawyers Officially Filed Legal Suit Against PT Kalista Alam


Kamis, 08 November 2012 17:05 WIB
MEULABOH – Indonesian Ministry of Environment (MoE), represented by a team of State Attorney Lawyers, has filed a lawsuit against PT Kalista Alam at the District Court of Meulaboh under the registry number 12/pdt.G/2012/PN. 
The lawsuit filed by the MoE at the District Court of Meulaboh relates to the clearing by burning conducted by PT Kalista Alam in Tripa Peat Swamp. 
Meulaboh’s Court Comittee Member, Munizar, confirmed that the State Attorney Lawyers has filed the lawsuit against PT Kalista Alam on Thursday, November 8, 2012. 
“That is correct that the legal representative of the MoE filed a crime and civil lawsuit, so we have received it including the supporting documents,” said Munizar. 
Meanwhile, team member from the MoE filing the lawsuit did not give any further comment, since it is the domain of the MoE in Jakarta to clarify. 
Commenting the action, the Director of WALHI Aceh over the phone to ATJEHPOST said that WALHI strongly support the legal lawsuit filed by the Government against PT Kalista Alam. He urge all parties to also support the decision. 
Further, TM Zulfikar explained that the involvement of NGOs integrated advocacy team is mainly to save the environment, specifically Tripa Peat Swamp.(bna)