PR of PT Kalista Alam: Military Posts for the Security. Seems highly conflicting with todays article below this one



Monday, June  11, 2012 20:40 WIB

NAGAN RAYA – PR staff of PT Kalista Alam, Ahmad Ramli, stated that  all this time PT Kalista Alam has been protected by the military in the posts established within the company’s area.

“But only for the security of the company, they (the military) are all under the local Sub district Commando,” said Ahmad Ramli on the cell-phone to The Atjeh Post on Monday, June 11, 2012.

But according to Ahmad, there was no exploitation of the military to back them up. “So far I know nothing about any special relation with the military,” he said.

Apart of that, Ramli also said that he did not hear about the interrogation conducted by the Sub district Military Commander to the Head of the Village of Sumber Bakti, Ibduh.

He also did not know about the report to the Criminal Division of the National Police on the company’s permit.

“Concerning the permit, I think there is no violation done by the company. But my superior, Pak Sentosa, must know better. As well as with the issue of permit violation reported all this time, only he knows,” said Ahmad.

So far he knows, said Ahmad, all areas managed by PT Kalista Alam have permit.

According to Ahmad, the relation between Kalista and the local community are so far fine. He said that Kalista even supported the surrounding community in groups.[]



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One response to “PR of PT Kalista Alam: Military Posts for the Security. Seems highly conflicting with todays article below this one”

  1. Judy says :

    If this wasn’t so serious it would be laughable!On one hand the Chief of Information for Military Command,Col Subagyo Irianto insists there is no Military post at Tripa so therefore denying any involvement with PT Kalista Alam.He was obviously unaware of photograhic evidence supplied by WAHLI exec director TM Zulfikar who suspects the Military of protecting the ‘activities’ of the Palm oil co.Then on the other hand we have the PR officer of PT Kalista Alam,Ahmed Ravali insisting that the military were present & protecting areas on Tripa that were being desecrated (illegally!)He states he was not aware of either permit violations or the report on the permit to the criminal division of the National Police!!!!!Surely he must know what’s going on-I presume PR means Public Relations,part of that position must include knowing what the company is doing?Also to say that the relationship with PT Kalista Alam & the local community is ‘fine’!!!!This is unbelievable reading,from the denial of Col Irianto to the ignorance of PTKA’s spokesperson.They all need to get their facts straight,important decisions are about to be made regarding the fate of Tripa and the lies,mis-information & corruption of all parties involved will stand out-the truth must come out and save Tripa.

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