Coordination Meeting of Aceh’s Offices of Forestry and Plantation Exclude Tripa Swamp Coordination Meeting of Aceh’s Offices of Forestry and Plantation Exclude Tripa Swamp Wed, June 6, 2012 11:23 WIB

Offices of Forestry and Plantation from entire Aceh gathered at the Hotel Grand Nanggroe, Banda Aceh, since Monday (4/6), attending a coordination meeting. Several important issues are parts of the meeting agenda that will be discussed within three days until Wednesday (6/6). A point of interest is that environmental issues were not discussed at all in the meeting, especially concerning the issues in Tripa Peat Swamp foret of Nagan Raya District and Jaboi of Sabang. The Head of the Provincial Office of Forestry and Plantation, Ir. Fachruddin, told Serambi after officially opening the meeting that environmental issues in both specific locations were later on to be discussed during the national coordination meeting. His office would request each district offices to present in detail the issues in each of their juridictions. “We do not include the issues of Tripa and Jaboi to be part of the important issues of discussion and to be solved in this coordination meeting, since it is under the authority of the Central Government. Regional offices have only the reporting task, but concerning the policy decission for those problems, regional government is waiting for the decission of the Central Government,” said Fakhruddin. So, he continued, concerning Tripa Swamp forest and Jaboi, which rights of forest conversion and of utilisation for other purpose have not been revoked up to this date, they fell under the authority of the Director and the Director General. ”The lower level has the task of reporting on what currently happened, while policy is the domain of the Central Government,” he said. Meanwhile, concerning the coordination meeting itself, Fakhruddin mentioned that there three issues of discussion, which are the establishment of the Forest Management Unit (FMU), synchronissation of the programme of 2013 and Data Collection as well as Hand Over of the Central Assets to the Governor through the Provincial Office of Forestry and Plantation, to be forwarde to the Districts. He explained that the issue of the establishment of FMU is managed under the Article 17 of the Law No. 41/1999 on Forest Management, and its establishment was highly urgent to be applied in the districts, in line with the expansion of plantation areas. Therefore, forest management in the next future would be based on FMU. The goal of the synchronisation of the 2013 Programme is to synchronise the districts programmes with the provincial programmes, taking into account that 70% of the dovelopment budget for forestry and plantation sectors within the Development and Purchase Budget of Aceh in 2012, covering IDR 248.4 billion coming from the share profit from gas and oil, and from the special autonomy funds, belong to the Districts Govenrments. “Concerning data collection and handover of the assets of the Provincial Office of Forestry and Plantation to Districts Governments, relates to the facs that still plenty of those assets constructed during the time both before and post tsunami of Aceh have not yet been handed over to the Provincial Government of Aceh to be forwarded to the Districts Governments,” said Fachruddin.(her)

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